FAQ’s – or better known as Frequently Asked Questions

I am no longer a current student at UMD but I used to be.  Can I purchase the discounted tickets?  Sorry – no.  The discounted tickets are available ONLY to current UMD students.

I am a current student at UMD but I am only 17 years old.  Is that a problem?  Not at all – but you won’t be able to attend this event.  This event is for ages 18+.

So, this event is outdoors.  Will there be chairs to sit on?  Nope- with Doomtree and opener Desdamona, you shouldn’t be sitting- you should be up & dancing!  What are you, fifty-something?!

What if it rains?  Unless you’re a wicked witch, you won’t melt.  This show will go on rain or shine.  Actually, sometimes these events are a lot more fun in the rain … wink, wink.   And no, there will be no ticket refunds.

Will there be beer and alcohol available to purchase outside?  If you are 21+ with a valid ID, you can obtain a wristband at the event and drink all the beer and booze you want… we will have outside bars ready to serve you.  Of course- you must drink responsibly.  We do reserve the right to cut anyone off at any time – and NEVER, EVER drink and drive!

Friday, September 9th in downtown Duluth, MN